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Chad Cordeiro – 4 AM Fire ...

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Print of the Month | December 20...

This month features Matthew Hindley’s watercolour monotype Fireball, 2016 as our print of the month.  This print was the first monotype pulled when he made this series at the David Krut Workshop in 2016. Hindley’s selection of cell phone photographs were found on Google images and newsfeeds. He is attracted to the raw quality of […]

The Print Club launched in colla...

MESH CLUB is extremely proud to partner with David Krut Projects to bring together a collection dedicated exclusively to printed works of art on paper. Installed throughout MESH, ON PAPER features unique and editioned works by fourteen emerging, mid-career and established South African artists. Abstract, figurative, text-based and even conceptual, the works on view span a range of genres and styles […]

Johan Botha – White Cat 

Johan Botha  – Ginger Cat

Johan Botha – Black Cat