Universal Archive (Peonies) (ed. of 40)

Universal Archive: Peonies

This work also forms part of the Universal Archive series of linocuts. The traditional still life image of flowers in a vase reverberates throughout Western art history, from the Impressionists to the present. This image recalls most specifically the 1882 painting by Edouard Manet of flowers in an oblong crystal vase. Flower-centric still life images function in Kentridge’s oeuvre like breathing space – a relatively benign image that becomes the platform for experimentation with medium, substrate, connotative content, or simply a moment in which to rest.


Universal Archive (Peonies) (ed. of 40)

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Edition Size:

Image Height:
83 cm cm

Image Width:
84 cm cm

Sheet Height:
98 cm cm

Sheet Width:
98 cm cm


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