Bell | Kentridge | Victor –...

Installation images of Bell | Kentridge | Victor, a group exhibition currently running at David Krut Projects Cape Town, until 28 January 2016. Featured within this exhibition is the interactive artwork titled, “Rainbow Nation” by St. John Fuller.  

Last night at DKP: bumper exhibi...

Last night, we celebrated three exhibitions openings at DKP: Endale Desalegn’s “Two Social Pacifiers ጡጦ” at the Parkwood gallery and St. John Fuller’s “13” alongside Robyn Penn’s “Culmulus”at the Parkwood bookstore. These dramatically different exhibitions, comprising prints, paintings and photographs,  drew an enthusiastic and diverse crowd who traversed Jan Smuts Avenue, wine glasses in hand, […]

Q&A with St.John Fuller: th...

  DKP: Your art practice and the use of the Camera Obscura as a device is concerned  with the notion of time, is that right?   SJ: Partially, yes – witnessed, recorded and then finally witnessed repeatedly. In terms of the portraits it is about how we look at things.   DKP: So, the portraits explore perception […]


David Krut Projects is pleased to present 13, an exhibition by St.John Fuller opening on Thursday 5 November at 151 Jan Smuts Avenue from 6 – 9pm as part of the First Thursday’s initiative. 13 is a photographic series about artists and their work. Using multiple images of his subjects as his source material, St.John uses […]

Exhibitions Opened

Exhibitions Opened

Saturday, 1 November, was a busy day for David Krut Projects and Bookstore on Jan Smuts Avenue, with the opening of two exhibitions and an installation. Group exhibition The Benediction of Shade II opened to a large turn-out at the gallery at 142 Jan Smuts Avenue (the show also extends to the DK gallery space […]

My Family and other Cameras

My Family and other Cameras An installation and exhibition by St. John Fuller 1 – 30 November 2014 David Krut Bookstore, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue Family Photo 2014  Artist St. John Fuller has been experimenting with self-made camera obscurae since 1995. His past installations include; a 3.5 metre high geodesic dome (Rooftop II, University of […]

The Shack – An Installatio...

1 – 11 November 2014 Outside David Krut Projects – 142 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood   The Shack forms part of artist St. John Fuller’s exhibition My Family and Other Cameras (David Krut Bookstore, 151 Jan Smuts Avenue) in which he experiments with self-made pinhole cameras and camera obscurae.   His most recent installation is The […]