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The Art We Make E03: Master Prin...

In this episode, the David Krut Workshop’s Master Printer Jillian Ross speaks about her experience of joining the workshop and her work with artist Colbert Mashile. Colbert Mashile Artist Page:

Tribute to Jack Shirreff: Master...

Reflecting back on 2017 we recall the memory of Jack Shirreff, who established and ran 107 Workshop, a unique collaborative print workshop in Wiltshire, England. The workshop offered the complete range of printmaking processes with experimentation at the root of it’s brilliance. In 1981, Shirreff  and the British Pop artist Joe Tilson collaborated in creating […]

Tools of the trade

The Workshop is filled with strange and wonderful tools. Often tools are borrowed from other industries such as the Jewellery and Engineering. We use the deburring tool for preparing the edge of plates before printing. the curved swivel blade alows you to shear off uneven and rough edges before finally filing and polishing them smooth. […]