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Second Opinion

Common Side Effects

Special Grids

Infanta Margarita VI

Infanta Margarita V

Infanta Margarita I

Upper end

The way one is placed

Bride Stripped Bare – Devi

Bride Stripped Bare- Isis

Bride Stripped Bare

The Hobbsian Line by Stephen Hob...

Spotter by Stephen Hobbs

Neighbours by Stephen Hobbs

Pop-up Forest II by Stephen Hobb...

Hendrik V

In his show Heritage Osmosis in spring 2010 Fritsch showed his first Hendrick and has since continued to explore its  shape and “personality” through varying approaches: scale, material, context, and narrative. Hendrick V is its “fifth incarnation”. The title and material are to evoke connotations of medieval knights in chainmaille armor.

Mpekweni Landscape