Fiver Löcker: Vrigheid 1693

Born in Germany, Fiver has travelled the world since she was 19. She is interested in documenting different cultures, believing that every culture looks strange to an outsider, and that what we think is normal is entirely weird to them. Each year, she spends time in Johannesburg, and time traveling the European canal system on her live-aboard boat ‘Hendrika’ – fitted out with a mini printmaking studio.

As well as printmaking and sketching, Fiver works in video, analogue and digital photography. Her current project is entitled Super Women. Here, Fiver uses various printmaking processes to create a series of collaged print portraits of ordinary women inhabiting the characters of superheroes. Her sources include her street sketches of the women of Johannesburg, and the colours gold, for the life force of Johannesburg’s power, and red for the life blood that is the font of women’s power.


Fiver Löcker: Vrigheid 1693

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R 8900

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100 cm

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70 cm



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