Paternoster by François Krige

Krige travelled the length of the Western Cape coastline and was especially drawn to traditional fishing villages. We see sailing craft, genre scenes of men repairing nets, boat-builders at work and wrecked vessels washed up on the beach. In 1951 he visited Paternoster and was so enchanted by it that he decided to remain there for some time, producing a large number of drawings. He sketched and painted the cottages, women at the well, the lighthouse and donkey carts. In this image he uses light washes of ink to create the texture of the landscape, the rain suggested with gentle, diagonal strokes. It’s an intimate scene with the village completely integrated into the landscape, as though growing from its soil. The two minimalist chickens are a charming touch. – Justin Fox, 2013



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37.5 cm

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53 cm



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