Boo Ritson

Boo Ritson studied Fine Art at the University of Buckinghamshire, before going on to complete her M.A in Fine Art at the Royal College of Art in 2005.

She is best known for the works which depict characters and still-lives drawn from her own imagined narratives. “For each piece she literally paints her subject in a thick emulsion and then photographs the sitter or object whilst the paint is wet” ( =boo+ritson). The result is a portrait of a fictional character that is so compelling and believable that it seems to actually exist. Ritson’s work emphasizes the sensuality of paint and demonstrates that painting is still something unique as a medium that simultaneously describes and defies reality and our perception of it.

Ritson has exhibited extensively in the United Kingdom and in 2008 held her first solo exhibition at Bravin Lee in New York. Her work is included in several international collections including the Saatchi Collection, Zabludowicz Collection, The Speyer Family Collection, New York, Chadha Art Collection, Netherlands- as well as prominent collections in France, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Italy and Germany (

Over the last thirty years David Krut has worked in association with Alan Cristea Gallery in London. The Alan Cristea Gallery is one of the most important publishers of editioned work in the world and works closely with Boo Ritson. In 2010 Ritson exhibited in a group show at David Krut Projects alongside Howard Hodgkin and Julian Opie.