The Printing Girls

The Printing Girls (TPG), in collaboration with David Krut Projects, presents Things that live and move, a group exhibition of work from 31 artists. TPG is an all-female collective of South African-based artists who work in print. This curated selection showcases a wide range of printmaking techniques, from the traditional to the more cutting edge, and many more in between. Exploring our world and experiences through the lense of lively, animated objects and subjects of the earth, from the literal to the abstract to the tongue-in-cheek.
Nellien Brewer
Nicolette Geldenhuys
Susanna Hesse
Laurel Holmes
Mandie Immelman
Nina Jacobson
Theresa Jo
Mandy Johnston
Elrie Joubert
Sarah Judge
Roxy Kaczmarek
Allison Klein
Lyrene Kühn-Botma
Nicky Liebenberg
Fiver Locker
Elzanne Louw
Kristen McClarty
Clare Menck
Mariette Momberg
Cloudia Rivett-Carnac
Andie Rodwell
Korien Sander
Gen Schwulst
Donna Solovei
Elizabeth Tristram
Amy Jane van den Berg
Mimi van der Merwe
Lyn van Greunen
Jose Vermeij
Emma Willemse
Claire Zinn