Eva & Franco Mattes

International collaborative Eva and Franco Mattes, also known in techie circles as 0100101110101101.org are internationally recognised as supreme interventionalists. Most of their projects involve different forms of media hacking and bogus culture trafficking. In one instance the duo temporarily hijacked the Nike logo for a public installation in Vienna. In another, they created an entirely fictional artist, only to murder him once he was sufficiently famous.

13 Most Beautiful Avatars are a series of dramatic portraits of avatars created on Second Life with New York printmaker, Jean-Yves Noblet. Second Life is a 3-D virtual world wherein one can build an alter-ego or avatar to meet with others, be entertained, buy land even trade real-life products. These large-format digital prints were included in a group show at David Krut Projects in 2007 entitled Digital Surrogates.The show brought together four artists from across the globe who blur the line between digital interactive media and the fine arts. 13 Most Beautiful Avatars were featured alongside paintings by Bronwyn Miller and animated photographs by Pippa Stalker (both South African). Together the work translated most persuasively into an analysis of self, public perception and possibility.