After hours, skin on Somerset Velvet

Jessica Webster arrived just after five, we planned to work after hours to avoid the embarrassment of nude confrontations with staff members.  Jess wanted to work on a large format, so I marked out a full sheet of Somerset Velvet on the underside of the perspex covering the press bed.  She decided to work in what she described as a “Chevrolet 80′s green”, a colour similar to the one she used for her smaller monotypes (Cadmium yellow, Thalo Blue R/S and black custom mix).  I rolled out a slab of this colour, left the studio, and allowed her to roll in it.  The ink was removed as it stuck to her skin.  Depending on her body position the ink was removed in a variety of ways.  Once Jess had reclothed herself, I returned to print, with the assistance of Thandi Phakedi, Jess’s sister.  I’d like to think that Sigur Ros provided an appropriately moody atmosphere for the evening.  We all enjoyed a lamb curry from Parker’s Grill for dinner, chef Gulam’s speciality.  Jess returns on Friday to resolve the images, fully clothed.