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Print Workshop – A Week in...

William Kentridge was in the workshop this week to add to the second part of the large-scale woodcut Leaning on Air. He has been tearing and pinning pieces onto the print to indicate carving and where to place torn collage pieces. The team is now busy tracing these indicated areas, carving and proofing them. Jillian […]

Print Workshop – A week in...

We had artist William Kentridge come in to work on his latest collaboration with the workshop: Leaning on Air, the 5th and 6th large-scale woodcut in the Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts series. Read more about the current project here: Artist João Renato Orecchia Zuniga has been in this week working on an upcoming body of prints. Orecchia was featured at the Print […]

Kids Print Workshop – Will...

On Saturday 2 march 2019 in the David Krut Projects Gallery beneath the showcase of a giant William Kentridge woodcut print, titled That which I do not remember, the David Krut Workshop hosted an exciting workshop for kids. The workshop aimed to familiarise kids (ages 5 – 12) with the foundation of woodblock printing and collage in the same vein as […]

DKW Intern | Sarah Hunkin

I have come to realize that a print workshop like David Krut, is not all about the inking up and printing, it’s a huge part but definitely not the only thing that happens in the studio. I am Sarah, a 4th year BA Fine Arts student, studying at Wits University and I’m majoring in Linocut […]

William Kentridge | New Woodcut

David Krut Projects is please to announce the completion of the fourth large scale Woodcut That which I do not remember in the ‘Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts’ series. In early 2016 William Kentridge was at work on a monumental frieze to be installed along the banks of Rome’s Tiber River in April of the same […]

Print/s of the Month | Maja Malj...

Serbian born artist Maja Maljevic has had several successful solo exhibitions in South Africa and completed an important commission for the Raphael Hotel on Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton. Maljevic first collaborated with the David Krut Workshop (DKW) in 2007, and since then she has created several bodies of work with the DKW printmakers. In […]

Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts |...

Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts  | Series Continues

With the completion of three large scale woodcuts Mantegna, The Flood and Lampedusa, Kentridge provided the David Krut Workshop team with the next image, and challenge, as the series continues. Drawing and Scale As with the first three prints the process begins with a drawing. The scale of the series had been carefully deliberated over in […]

Stephen Hobbs at DKW

Stephen Hobbs at DKW

Stephen Hobbs has begun preparations for his upcoming exhibition at David Krut Projects, Cape Town, in 2014. He will collaborating with printmaker Talya Lubinsky on a series of woodcut and linocuts. Below are images from the studio.  

New Cannonball Prints from Rober...

Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra from Cannonball Press in New York have released woodcuts that are now available in limited numbers from DKW. The Cannonball Press duo printed the woodcuts with RBPW printers Phil Sanders and Deborah Chaney. For more information on the availability of the prints, please contact the gallery. Tel: 011 447 0627 /Email: or