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Sneak Peak – Maja Maljević...

This past July has seen artist Maja Maljevic hard at work at the David Krut Workshop. The teams flurry of printing activity is in preparation of her upcoming solo project in New York in October. Maljevic has been working with Master Printer Jillian Ross and the workshop team to produce a new series of mixed […]

Purnaa Deb Drawing Technique

‘A Tale of Quests’ is the first solo exhibition by Indian-born, Johannesburg based artist Purnaa Deb hosted at David Krut Bookstore Gallery. The exhibition features a body of mixed media artworks by the artist who shares her personal narratives about womanhood, tradition and relocating from India to South Africa. Purnaa demonstrated her traditional drawing technique […]

Survey of Risk Opening Night

Survey of Risk opened on Thursday evening – 22 February 2018 – at our Parkwood Gallery in Johannesburg. It was lovely to have the space buzzing with a Johannesburg audience contemplating the works of Cape Town based artist Matthew Hindley. Our guests enjoyed a glass of wine and a casual conversation with the artist while […]

Artist Series E06 | William Kent...

Artist Series E06 | William Kentridge on Techniques & processes | Part 1 Join us for Wednesdays with William Kentridge; a series of sound clips from  the artist on a CD-ROM published by David Krut in 1997. Part 1 of the William Kentridge E06 is an introduction to how Kentridge generates his ideas through drawing. He talks […]

Studio Visit with Michael Amery

Michael Amery will be exhibiting his first solo show “Trees by Man” at our gallery in Newlands from 16 April to 28 May. We did a studio visit in December last year, to get a bit of insight into his subject matter, which mainly features serene forest-like plantations, and to get a feel for his […]

Endale Desalegn at DKW, Parkwood

Endale Desalegn at DKW, Parkwood

Endale Desaleg is an Ethiopian artist working out of Addis Ababa and has recently arrived in South Africa to complete a residency at David Krut Projects. Usually a painter, Endale has also begun to experiment with printmaking while collaborating with Senzo Shabangu and exploring different kinds of mark-making. Alongside these print experiments Endale is working extensively […]