God’s opinion is unknown

Leaning on Air and God’s opinion is unknown are made using individual wood blocks from Refugees, which is made up of a total of 26 blocks. The two blocks are visible in the top left of the multiple-figure image, and the bottom right of the single-figure image of the diptych.

Winter File 10

Disruption 1

Disruption 2

Woodblock Test

Not Straight Enough

Trouglovi II

W (ed. of 18)

Yesterday’s Good Idea

Extract: For Kentridge this edition is an ‘objet trouve’, comprised of separate drawings from two recent projects, which were pinned to the artists studio wall. The ink splash is from his recent opera Lulu and the slogan from Kentridge’s Notes Towards A Model Opera, a project on the Chinese Cultural Revolution. The ink splash recurs […]

Veneer II (ed. of 10)

Tent Revival Blues by Tom Huck

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Joe Meatgrinder by Tom Huck

Dollar Dance by Tom Huck

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Beef Brain Buffet by Tom Huck

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