Winter File 11

Winter File 30

Second Opinion

Mandie Immelman – Katvoet ...

About the work: Cats bring to mind many metaphors and proverbs in multiple languages. They are known and associated with a wide range of attributes both good and bad. This work looks specifically at notions such as: ‘katvoet wees’, ‘pussy footing around’ and ‘die kat kom weer’. These concepts refer to being cautious and addressing […]

What happens in the Canopy by St...

Guarded Path by Stephen Hobbs

In the canopy (ed. of 9)

Gap in the canopy (ed. of 9)

The Standard (ed. of 6)

First 100 Ladies I (ed. of 6)

Proposition 2 by by by by by

Proposition 4 by Rob Swainston

Proposition 6 by Rob Swainston

Woodblock print on acetate collaged with digital print of woodblock installation.

Proposition 9 by Rob Swainston

Proposition 10 by Rob Swainston

Proposition 17 by Rob Swainston

Woodblock and digital print collage with tape.

Proposition 18 by Rob Swainston

Woven digital print of woodblock carving.

Proposition 19 by Rob Swainston

Woodblock print with digital collage and foam core