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No Mistake In Life and Dreams by...

Universal Archive (Peonies) (ed....

Universal Archive: Peonies This work also forms part of the Universal Archive series of linocuts. The traditional still life image of flowers in a vase reverberates throughout Western art history, from the Impressionists to the present. This image recalls most specifically the 1882 painting by Edouard Manet of flowers in an oblong crystal vase. Flower-centric […]

Endless Journey III (ed. of 10)

Endless Journey II

Window Shopping by Senzo Shabang...

Follow Me by Senzo Shabangu

Morning Prayer by Senzo Shabangu

In Morning Prayer, Shabangu continues an exploration into the life in the city of Johannesburg. In his own words, he says “The very thing that gives Johannesburg its appeal, is in many ways, and is what makes it difficult to accept: its naked honesty. The city does not hide its problems or weaknesses from view. […]