Still life

Chad Cordeiro – 4 AM Fire ...

Changing Address

The Fishy Tale

Waltz (ed. of 12)

Single Gestural Event (ed. of 12...

Wonder Vessels (ed. of 15)

Mike’s hand (ed. of 15)

  Mike’s Hand was made during a period of experimentation in terms of trying different printing processes and materials to produce varying textures and surfaces. The title of the work refers to the artist’s introduction to graphic design and typesetting as it was used by his father who was in advertising in the mid-1980s.


Parsifal Sangreal

Variety Flowers (Version D)

variety Flowers (Version C)

Variety Flowers (Version B)

Variety Flowers (Version A)

If You Look Hard Enough (ed. of ...

Flux III (State II) by Deborah B...

Satin Bed II by Nathaniel Stern

Satin Bed II by Nathaniel Stern