The Dry Salvages (of Phlegm)

Burnt Norton (or Blood)

Little Gidding (or Yellow Bile)

East Coker (or Black Bile)

Blood (or Flesh Fur Faeces)

Phlegm (or pasteboard Presto)

Yellow Bile (or Different Types ...

Black Bile (or Selective Seroton...

Four Quartet Series, 2019 Humorism (After Eliot and da Messina) Responding to a long history of artists using the self-portrait to examine the social status and delve into internal psychological depths Humorism (After Eliot and da Messina) marks Mikhael Subotzky‚Äôs first foray into printmaking. Focusing on white masculine vulnerability this series of prints was created […]

Horizon 2

Horizon 1

Pattern 2

Pattern 3

Pattern 1

Margin 2

Margin 1

Landscape 1

Document for the People 12

Document for the People 61