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William Kentridge – Univer...

William Kentridge  – Unive...

William Kentridge – Univer...

Afro blues my prayers I

Afro Blues my prayers is a dedication to my late mentor and friend Zim Nqawana. Motha says: “my dedication to Bra zim Nqawana afro blues is a musical composition by mongo Santa Maria later played by John Coltrane Zim Ngqawana recorded Afro blues live at the Birds eye” Motha says the image is based on the […]

Very Dangerous Grid

Very Dangerous Grid finds its inspiration in the rotation of banal advertising adorning Joburg’s motorways, where the grid like infrastructure of the billboard, oscillates between being naked and bare and covered over. For Hobbs the bare skeleton is of more interest, a framing device for the clouds and sky, a site of projection, an in […]

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