Little Dystopia (ed. of 40)

William Kentridge | New Woodcut

David Krut Projects is please to announce the completion of the fourth large scale Woodcut That which I do not remember in the ‘Triumphs and Laments Woodcuts’ series. In early 2016 William Kentridge was at work on a monumental frieze to be installed along the banks of Rome’s Tiber River in April of the same […]

Audiovisual Showcase: Never Read...

Written by Alex Abrahams On Sunday 19 November 2017, David Krut Projects in Cape Town hosted an audiovisual showcase called Never Read the News Alone. The event contained a reading of various newspaper articles by two artists to a captive audience that was also treated to the sounds of live musical experimentation from three musicians. Current […]

Artist Series E04 | Jacob van Sc...

  Within his Solo Project and Print Launch Dolcefarniente, artist  Jaocb van Schalkwyks has included three video based artworks in the showcase. In this podcast van Schalkwyk discusses these three video works, Futility of Actions, 2015, After Wegman, 2012 and Art Years Are Like Dog Years, 2006-2017. Further, he will discuss the artists who influenced […]

Trouglovi II

Cells 3

Cells 2

But what if we’re wrong

Morning walk

Second Guessing

Oh hai

Nie so lekker nie

Nee Dankie

10950 days

It’s coming back to me now


Moenie te diep in jou tee koppie...