Finding Green 2

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The Proof is in the Printmaking

Explaining Proofs in printmaking at the David Krut Workshop (DKW) At the David Krut Workshop (DKW) we specialize in edition printing of intaglio (see further terms in glossary), relief (linoleum and woodcut) as well as making unique works in Monotype. During a project the artist is invited to spend time in the Workshop with the […]

Frail Crown

Sketchbook VI

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Sketchbook III

A Landmark in Abstraction | The ...

A LANDMARK IN ABSTRACTION Constraint is Jacob van Schalkwyk’s first tapestry with Marguerite Stephens. Hand-woven at Stephens Tapestry Studio outside Johannesburg, Constraint follows three years of conversation between Stephens and Van Schalkwyk about tapestry, with Van Schalkwyk researching key aspects of the Studio’s production, both in Swaziland and Johannesburg. “I needed time to learn the […]

The Dew Makes a Star

Embody Me

No Fusion (Flip Book)

Presented in the form of a flip book, this artist’s book explores themes that remain prominent in Hobbs’ practice.* Dazzle architecture, disruptive pattern language, kaleidoscopic forest features, folded paper and movings parts are some of the elements that inform NO FUSION. *His practice is informed by the complex, often obfuscating, visual language used to construct […]

Not Straight Enough

Diane Victor’s Little Dyst...

Diane Victor is currently in the United States on a spring lecture tour visiting universities in Washington, Boston and Brooklyn.  David Krut Projects in New York is presenting Victor’s provocative new works in an exhibition aptly titled Showing Truth to Power. The works displayed in Showing Truth to Power are from Victor’s residency in New […]

While Unconscious

Real Estate Nightmare V

Real Estate Nightmare IV

The Limits of Your Longing