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Zero Theorem

A Moment of your Time

Sarah Hunkin – Paw print

Sarah Hunkin – Paw print

Deborah Bell – Sketchbook ...

Sketchbook I -VI, 2017-2018, Drypoint (and spitbite aquatint) on Gampi and Hahnemühle 300 gsm, Edition: 30, Paper size: 22,4 x 30,4 cm Deborah Bell’s initial ideas are often conceived from her visual notebooks, where the spontaneity of her quick, private drawings seem to capture the figures in a gestural moment. In the making of her plates, […]

That which I do not remember

Oceans of Time


Print of the Month (July 2018) D...

Frail Crown is part of a body of work Deborah Bell created in 2017 -2018 with Master Printers Phil Sanders and Jillian Ross at the David Krut Workshop. The print was created using a drypointed copper plate and a delicately cut sheet of chine collé to give the figure its golden yellow robe. Bell has […]

Bread Butter And A Desire

Changing Address

How To Be A Woman

I Dreamed A Dream I