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Zero Theorem

“This work is in large a by-product of exploration, which is ironic considering the fact that it essentially came from nothing. In truth, this work is inspired by our yearning for answers to life’s most pressing questions. What does it mean to exist and is there a universal formula to explain it all? The human […]

A Moment of your Time

Sarah Hunkin – Paw print

Sarah Hunkin – Paw print

Deborah Bell – Sketchbook ...

Sketchbook I -VI, 2017-2018, Drypoint (and spitbite aquatint) on Gampi and Hahnemühle 300 gsm, Edition: 30, Paper size: 22,4 x 30,4 cm Deborah Bell’s initial ideas are often conceived from her visual notebooks, where the spontaneity of her quick, private drawings seem to capture the figures in a gestural moment. In the making of her plates, […]

That which I do not remember

Oceans of Time


Print of the Month (July 2018) D...

Frail Crown is part of a body of work Deborah Bell created in 2017 -2018 with Master Printers Phil Sanders and Jillian Ross at the David Krut Workshop. The print was created using a drypointed copper plate and a delicately cut sheet of chine collé to give the figure its golden yellow robe. Bell has […]

Bread Butter And A Desire

Changing Address

How To Be A Woman

I Dreamed A Dream I