Ruin Lust (Seascape II)

Ruin Lust (Seascape I)

Ruin Lust (Monument)

Ruin Lust (Missilesky)

Ruin Lust (Hill)

Ruin Lust (Formation)

Ruin Lust (Column)

Ruin Lust (Cloud)



Poles of Ignorance III by Robyn ...

Poles of Ignorance is editioned differently each time to map various states of the cloud and to give the impression of atmospheric change around the image. Artist statement: “I find clouds to be a sublime reminder of human transience. They are ever-present, ever-changing forms and lend themselves to an immersion in the natural processes of […]

The Map is not the Territory III...

The Map is not the Territory III  is at once a cloud, a map, a landscape, the ocean and simply a series of marks on a page. The work references Penn’s politicized fascination with clouds as symbols for global warming and grapples with philosophical ideas about subjective experience. The title of the work references scholar Alfred […]

Test for Manet by William Kentri...

Untitled (Purple) by Quinten Wil...

Untitled (Pink) by Quinten Wil...

Mother and child by Mischa Frits...

Proxy-me- you by Mischa Fritsch

Interchange I by Mischa Fritsch